and welcome to my blog and personal website.

Who am I?

My name is João Paquim, and I’m a Portuguese quasi-engineer, musician on my free time.

What will this be about?

I’ll use it to showcase some of my projects, and write about several subjects that interest me, from programming to music. I find that the best way to truly understand something is by trying to explain it, and this will be the main purpose of this blog.

When learning something, I usually write small notes for myself, aggregating content from various resources and adding my own input after experimenting a bit. I figured I might as well expand on the notes, turn them into full-fledged tutorials, and share them with others who might find them useful.

I won’t commit to any particular subject, as I frequently get bored and move on to explore different things. Rather than blog-wide cohesion, I’ll strive for immediacy, allowing myself to write about whatever excites me at a particular point in time, and documenting my own learning experiences.

My interests are continuously shifting, but include the following:

  • Machine learning and data mining.
  • Robotics, computer vision, and control systems.
  • Software development, web and systems, open source.
  • Physics, maths, dynamical systems, stochastic processes
  • Computational science and engineering
  • Music production and sound design

I hope you’ll find something interesting or helpful for yourself, and enjoy your stay!